AL Crego transforma graffitis en GIFs animados

If you’re a fan of graffiti AND GIFs then Spanish artist A.L. Crego‘s project will make you very happy indeed. In a very awesome project he breathes motion into still graffiti murals to create fantastic animations.

Crego first photographs the street art and then alters them digitally, adding movement into the images in clever and subtle ways. Like an oversized character flicking a light on and off, or the windows of a building sliding sideways.

AL Crego transforma graffitis en GIFs animados

While also being great to look at, Crego chose the murals and made the addition to convey a message about technology and modern personal communication. Or lack of.

Some of the titles for the pieces, which he’s put on his tumblr, support this like “We were tempted by the golden tech”, “We connected with everybody except with ourselves”, “We depend on what we have created”, “We assumed the world was a square”, and “We are slaves of this nonsense digital maze.”

The results, amazing though they are, almost convince you that the original street art was created with motion in mind and have a very surreal influence on your perspective as your brain works overtime to correct your thinking by saying, ‘No, this street art is not meant to move like that. It’s static. Get a grip you fool.’

Check out the GIFs below.

a-l-crego-gif-camarografo a-l-crego-gif-grafitero-740x987 a-l-crego-gif-granada a-l-crego-gif-mural-corazon-740x482 a-l-crego-gif-mural-think-740x480 a-l-crego-gif-nacimiento-adan-usb1 a-l-crego-gif-pareja-usb a-l-crego-gif-stencil-740x467 a-l-crego-gif-ventanas-740x465



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  1. amira dice:

    This is amazing!

  2. Have never seen this. Fascinating and creative.

  3. Anónimo dice:

    Impresionante. Bs

  4. lurda55 dice:

    Impresionante. Bs

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