Arte, diseño y cultura visual. Top 20 Artículos en Thisiscolossal.

We’ve run the numbers and these are the top articles ever to appear on Colossal. These lists are not meant as a ranking of what we think is the “best,” but are rather a gauge of overall interest around the web based on traffic. Updated periodically.

1. One Man, 100,000 Toothpicks, and 35 Years: An Incredible Kinetic Sculpture of San Francisco

Artist Scott Weaver spent over thirty years building this incredible kinetic sculpture of San Francisco using toothpicks.

2. This is What Happens When You Give Thousands of Stickers to Thousands of Kids

Yayoi Kusama’s legendary installation, Obliteration Room, where thousands of children were given stickers and unbridled freedom in a stark white room.

3. Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee

Guy Laramee carves sweeping landscapes and architectural structures from stacks of old books.

4. Riusuke Fukahori Paints Three-Dimensional Goldfish Embedded in Layers of Resin

Magnificent pools of three-dimensional goldfish painted layer-by-layer in resin by Riusuke Fukahori.

5. The Chromatic Typewriter

Washington-based painter Tyree Callahan modified a 1937 Underwood Standard typewriter, replacing the letters and keys with colored pads and hued labels to create a functional “painting” device called the Chromatic Typewriter.

6. Rashad Alakbarov Paints with Shadows and Light

Using strategically suspended translucent materials and other objects, artist Rashad Alakbarov paints usingshadows and light.

7. Alive Without Breath: Three Dimensional Animals Painted in Layers of Resin by Keng Lye

Singapore-based artist Keng Lye creates near life-like sculptures of animals relying on little but paint, resin and a phenomenal sense of perspective.

8. A Cathedral Made from 55,000 LED Lights

Towering 28 meters high, the Luminarie De Cagna was the centerpiece at the 2012 Light Festival in Ghent, Belgium.

9. High Speed Liquid and Bubble Photographs by Heinz Maier

German photographer Heinz Maier shoots high speed macro photographs of colored water splashes that resemble tiny glass sculptures.

10. Gravity Defying Land Art by Cornelia Konrads

Cornelia Konrads creates mind-bending installations in public spaces, frequently punctuated by the illusion of weightlessness.

11. The World’s First 3D Printing Pen that Lets you Draw Sculptures

The world’s first pen that draws in three dimensions in real time.

12. Secret Fore-Edge Paintings Revealed in Early 19th Century Books at the University of Iowa

Colleen Theisen shows off an example of fore-edge painting from 1837. Fore-edge painting is a way of hiding a painting on the edge of a book so that it can only be seen when the pages are fanned out.

13. Graphic Designer Dad Illustrates His Kids’ Lunch Bags Almost Everyday Since 2008

Graphic designer and competitor for Best Dad Ever David LaFerriere has been drawing illustrations on his children’s sandwich bags since 2008.

14. Manic Doodle Drawings by Sagaki Keita

In the most incredible combination of fine art and notebook doodles, Japanese artist Sagaki Keita blends the two in his incredible drawings.

15. Translucent Ants Photographed Eating Colored Liquids

Scientist Mohamed Babu from Mysore, India captured beautiful photos of these translucent ants eating a specially colored liquid sugar.

16. A Canopy of Colorful Umbrellas Spotted in Portugal

Almost nothing is known about the artist behind the project or its significance, but it’s impossible to deny the joy caused by taking a stroll in the shadowy rainbow created by hundreds of parasols suspended over this public walkway.

17. Ephemeral Portraits Cut from Layers of Wire Mesh by Seung Mo Park

Using a process that could be the new definition of meticulous, Korean sculptor Seung Mo Park creates giantephemeral portraits by cutting layer after layer of wire mesh.

18. Brooding Cityscapes Painted with Oils by Jeremy Mann

San Francisco-based artist Jeremy Mann executes these sublime, moody cityscapes using oil paints.

19. A Portrait of Tobias Wong Using 13,138 Dice

This touching tribute to late artist Tobias Wong was made by Frederick McSwain using 12,138 dice.

20. Money Trees

In several wooded areas around the UK, passersby have been stopping for decades, if not centuries, andmeticulously hammering small denomination coins into trees.

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