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A new vehicle from Aston Martin has been dubbed the Vulcan hypercar and the $2.3 million dollar car could be heading for an appearance in the next James Bond movie. The hypercar is going to be released in a limited amount of just 24 units and it is one of the most technologically advanced cars with a U shaped steering wheel playing home to the controls.

[Image Courtesy of Aston Martin]

Vulcan hypercar, el próximo Aston Martin de Bond

The hypercar is for the track only and it was revealed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. If you want one of the 24 you will have to have deep pockets and be prepared to take a course so that you can learn how to drive the car.

[Image Courtesy of Aston Martin]

The Vulcan is one of the most advanced cars Aston Martin produced and it would be the perfect vehicle to feature in the next James Bond movie, as of course Bond is well known for liking Aston Martins. It is all-carbon fiber and those who want to drive it will have to take a special course not only to learn how to drive the vehicle but also how to customize it to their own tastes.

The CEO of Aston Martin said that the Vulcan is a thrilling and rare supercar that has been designed to offer owners a driving experience that is bespoke and which draws on the rich heritage of Aston Martin. The vehicle can be tailored to the capabilities of the driver along with the tracks characteristics. It is a true sports car for lovers of sports cars and the Vulcan will set new standards in the ultra-high luxury supercar class.

[Image Courtesy of Aston Martin]

What sets the vehicle apart is the U shaped steering wheel allowing the owner to perform the majority of functions. It can start the car, it has the pit lane limiter, indicators, high beams, traction control and ABS that is adjustable and controls the wipers. On the back of the wheel are the paddle shifters for swapping gears.

While the Vulcans specs are not quite final Aston Martin has said that the vehicle has a naturally aspirated 800 horse power V12 7 litre engine. This takes the supercar from standstill to 60mph in under 3 seconds and takes it to a top speed of more than 200mph. The 800 plus brake horse power engine was developed along with Aston Martin Racing and the power to weight ratio is more than the GTE vehicles seen in competition in the World Endurance Championship of FIA.

[Image Courtesy of Aston Martin]

The body is constructed of carbon fiber monocoque by Multimatic, who has a long term partnership with Aston Martin. It has integral limited slip differential along with Brembo racing calipers and carbon ceramic racing discs for the brakes measuring 380mm diameter on the front wheels and 360mm on the back. It also features a magnesium torque tube with carbon fiber propeller shaft. The drive has been channeled to the wheels on the back, which are 345/30 x 19 with race specification tires from Michelin through a rear mid-mounted race-bred Xtac 6 speed sequential shift gears.

Other specifications of the hypercar include the track derived push-rod suspension complete with anti-dive geometry and the dynamic suspension spool valve from Multimatic. It also features anti-roll bars at the back and front along with variable traction control and anti-lock brakes that can be adjusted by the driver. The vehicle is going to comply with the FIA race safety requirements.

[Image Courtesy of Aston Martin]

Before owners take delivery of their Vulcan hypercar they will be offered the chance to participate in intensive track driver training. The training involves the use of many high performance vehicles from Aston Martin, including the V12 Vantage S and Vantage GT4 race cars. Owners will build up their experience and then finally take the wheel of their own Aston Martin Vulcan.


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